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We were humbled and thrilled to have been invited by SpaceX and the Inspiraiton4 team for the historic rocket launch! What a rush!!! Absolutely amazing and we are proud to share the photos below. 

The founder was lucky enough to be selected as one of the top 10 commercial astronaut candidates for consideration for the inspiration 4 mission to space.


Robert has been an insulin dependent diabetic since age 10. Over the course of 25 years he has learned the importance and value of cargo arriving intact and protected. Precious cargo was apart of his life at an age where most don't have to consider such a thought. Having a 25 year jump on the topic with a deep set of incites, he has applied his personal experiences with the condition, both successes and failures, to create a company that focuses on innovate new ways of considering cargo, its system's on board, and how to ensure safety and security leveraging IoT Technology. His team continues to push the envelope of what cargo can do to solve some of the hard problems in shipping and logistics. With a deep passion and drive for space, his company, along side a team full of resolve and determination, have an immediate goal of changing the face of cargo & luggage in our current travel system; improving cleanliness and safety, while adding a new blanket of security to the check-in process. But in solving these deeply rooted problems, he has his heart set on space, yearning to make an impact and add his contribution to how we make the collective dream of space travel a reality for the average person.


Cargo are constants in travel, pivotal to the operations of any economy. They are essential to the success of any journey whether short distance or afar, we always have something we need to carry with us or by our side. So naturally space travel will require the most sophisticated and articulated network that includes personal items and cargo being transferred for passengers, infrastructure, research and businesses. To get to that point, ADHERE GEAR is solving the problems deeply rooted in todays Cargo transit and travel system within logistics and operations. Our goal is to solve those problems leveraging IoT technology allowing for a well engineering and proven model to then be deployed for a cargo and luggage network for space travel.

The next 3 generations of cargo will certainly be focused on domestic and international transit, but his team aims to refine the basic structure and network engineering to then accommodate space in the near future.


Imagine, cargo that is aware of its weight & contents while self cleaning, knowing where its at while autonomously loading and unloading itself. we are the future of cargo. 

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Adhere Gear Technology Corporation IS registered AND APPROVED WITH NCAGE Code for doing business with international governments. NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code 8KA20. WE HAVE BEEN CLEARED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY.